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Repairs underway!

So I guess it is time for an update. First off, I can’t say enough thanks to the people that have sent money and parts for this car! I ended up with three fuel cells! (One which I still need to go get) Once all is said and done I will probably gather up leftovers and do a “pay it forward” for other folks in need of help with their cars. I wish that I had space on the car to recognize all of you! And a special thanks to all the folks buying hats and shirts! Trust me, it is going to take all of it to get it back together.
As luck would have it, the girl that hit all of us (and her family) are poor as dirt, and had minimal insurance. We had carried a normal uniderinsured/uninsured policy. Our attorney has more or less said that they have nothing to sue for. So, once all is said and done I will be happy to recoup the losses for real repairs and repaint later on. Even more sad is that these girls will never learn a lesson in responsibility.
For the time being, I’ve moved on with repairs enough to make the car track ready as our SCCA track night is July 31. As my buddy Jeff has said, it will be in “as raced” condition. I’ts going to be a test of my fab skills for sure!
If you want to read the original story, buy a shirt, or make a donation to the cause, you can go here.

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Thank you!

I want to say thank you to all that are buying our merchandise and supporting the Go Fund ME! I hate doing stuff like this, but I have had so much of an outpouring of support for this car it is just heartwarming.

Thank you all again!