For the love of old race cars..

My name is Nick, and I am addicted to race cars!

I am the owner of the #71 K&K Insurance Dodge that many of you have already seen around Daytona Beach. I am certainly not he owner of the “only” one as there are quite a few #71 tribute cars around the world. I am just a regular guy with a day job, and a love for the “real” NASCAR days glory that are long gone.

My #71 is a 1974 Dodge Charger with a 408 backed up my an NV4500 five speed. (of which I only use 4 unless we are on a highway trip) I have joined a group call Stock Car Classics recently and hope to bring the car to more tracks soon.

Turning laps at Darlington. Who the heck would have ever imagined that?

I also set up this store to help fund our little hobby. I don’t believe in “something for nothing” so, your purchase of a hat, shirt or sticker helps us along the way. I’ve turned the profit margin down as low as I can, but still hope we can keep doing what we do. We travel all over to various car shows and race events. We don’t mind the kids climbing in and out of the car and encourage photo ops. I don’t even mind giving rides in it when I can.

Thank you from both myself, and my wife Sammie, who puts up with this!